Using KOMA scrbook I would like to typeset a book where the content in some parts only appears on the right-hand pages. The left-side pages should be blank but still affect the page numbering counter. How to achieve this?

Non-solutions for me:

  • Switching to one-sided mode (\KOMAoptions{twoside=false}) and later back (see Switch to one-side layout in KOMA-Script scrbook). While I could live with printing some pages separately in single-sided mode, it would break page numbering and the binding correction.
  • \cleardoubleoddemptypage is no solution since some content gets split between pages.

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The solution described at https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/57559/90036 works with scrbook as well. In my case I just needed to additionally add a \clearpage at the beginning and a \clearpage\cleardoubleoddemptypage at the end of the block of pages I wanted to be right-hand sided only.

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