Coming from vim, if you place your cursor on the opening/closing bracket (block in vim speak) you can hit the % character to jump back and forth between the opening/closing bracket. Can we do the same in Texstudio? This would help a lot if I wanted to update the size of the brackets (e.g. to \Big). Or is there a similar command in TeXstudio that can perform the update action (i.e. changing ( some_text ) to \Big( some_text \Big) and vice versa) that you know of?

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You can jump between matching braces, parentheses and brackets using Ctrl+Shift+p followed by j (all keys released before this last one). This seems to be a rough equivalent of Vim's % command.


There are several ways to achieve your goals. Depending on the situation different approaches can be reasonable.

Jumping between brackets

Simply jumping between brackets is possible using Idefix -> Parentheses -> Jump to Match. This is very generic, but you have to type the changes yourself.

Search using regular expessions

A simple way of replacing ( some_text ) with \Big( some_text \Big) would be to use Search/Replace with regular expressions. E.g. enter image description here

This comes in handy if you have to do a lot of replacements at a time. The disadvantage is that regular expressions cannot reasonably describe parentheses matching. I.e. it will fail if you have nested parentheses.

Use as Script Macro

Another approach would be to create a script macro (Maros -> Edit Macros...). Here's a basic example:

text = cursor.selectedText()
newtext = '\\Big(' + text + '\\Big)'

After creating the macro, you can change its shortcut at Options -> Shortcuts.

  • Thanks Tim, kudos for giving 3 options to solve the problem. Really appreciate that.
    – David KWH
    Mar 17, 2017 at 5:08

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