How to hide "translator" field in BibLaTeX? I found a bit similar problem here. MWE:

    firstinits=true,        % change names to initials
    maxcitenames=99,        % maximal number of authors
\AtEveryCitekey{\clearfield{translator} \clearfield{year}}  % HOW TO SWITCH OFF "TRANSLATOR"?

\setbeamertemplate{navigation symbols}{}    % switch off buttons on the slide bottom

    author =    {Geococcyx californianus},
    title =     {Gregorian choir},
    translator =    {Muose, Mickey},
    year =      {2017}

    Aaa aaa aaa aaa\footcite{roadrunner}.

The year is omitted by the command \clearfield{year}. But how to force \clearfield{translator} to work similarly?

enter image description here


To clear a name field, use \clearname{translator} not \clearfield{translator}.

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