I want to create a set of steps using a TikZ picture. I tried to use the positioning library to position the steps next to each other like this:

enter image description here

(Not for scale, the bottom edges should align)

So I did this:

  \node[draw, rectangle,             align=center, minimum height=2cm] (1) {\textbf{1} \\ Step};
  \node[draw, rectangle, right=of 1, align=center, minimum height=3cm] (2) {\textbf{2} \\ Step};
  \node[draw, rectangle, right=of 2, align=center, minimum height=4cm] (3) {\textbf{3} \\ Step};
  \node[draw, rectangle, right=of 3, align=center, minimum height=5cm] (4) {\textbf{4} \\ Step};
  \node[draw, rectangle, right=of 4, align=center, minimum height=6cm] (5) {\textbf{5} \\ Step};

But it looks like it aligns the node centers, instead of the bottom edges:

enter image description here

That's not step-like at all. How can I do that (without using at to position each node manually)?


enter image description here

\documentclass[tikz, margin=3mm]{standalone}

   box/.style = {rectangle, draw, minimum width=1cm,
                 minimum height=#1, align=center},
node distance = 0mm and 5mm
\node[box=2cm] (1) {\textbf{1} \\ Step};
\node[box=3cm, above right=of 1.south east] (2) {\textbf{2} \\ Step};
\node[box=4cm, above right=of 2.south east] (3) {\textbf{3} \\ Step};
\node[box=5cm, above right=of 3.south east] (4) {\textbf{4} \\ Step};
\node[box=6cm, above right=of 4.south east] (5) {\textbf{5} \\ Step};

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