I am trying to reproduce the following figure using LaTeX

enter image description here

I have previously used PSTricks to make bar plots, but that was using only a single column - not multiple as in the figure. Does PStricks support multiple columns or is a solution with tikZ better for this case?

Here is the sample-data that the example-figure was produced with:

  0         1          2
0.0046    0.0041    0.0034
0.0228    0.0168    0.0115
0.0178    0.0119    0.0119

Like this, with pst-plot and pst-bar?

 \documentclass[border=3pt, svgnames]{standalone}
\usepackage{pst-plot, pst-bar} %

\newpsbarstyle{slategray}{fillcolor=SlateGrey!80, fillstyle = solid}


\begin{postscript}%\psset{origin ={1,0}}
\psset{xAxisLabel=\sffamily k, yAxisLabel=\sffamily Axis 1,llx=-.5cm,lly=-1cm,ury=0.5cm,
\pslegend[rt](6,68){\black\rule[-0.5ex]{2em}{2ex} &\itshape first\\
\color{SlateGrey!80}\rule[-0.5ex]{2em}{2ex} & \itshape second\\%
\fbox{\white\rule[-0.5ex]{2em}{2ex}} & \itshape third}
 \begin{psgraph}[axesstyle=frame, labels = all, ticksize=4pt 0pt, Ox =-1,Dy=0.01](-0.5,0)(-0.5, 0)(4.5,0.03){8cm}{6cm}%
\psaxes[ticks=x, labels=none, ticksize=-4pt 0pt ,dx=2cm, yunit=10cm](4.5,0.03)(-0.5,0.03)
\psaxes[ticks=y, labels=y, ticksize=-4pt 0pt ,dy=2cm, Dy=0.2, ylabelPos=right, yunit=10cm](4.5,0)(4.5,0.6)
\uput{0.8}[r]{90}(4.5,0.015){\sffamily Axis 2}
 \psset{barsep=0.08, barcolsep=0.25 ,barstyle={black, slategray, white}, yunit=200cm,}%


enter image description here

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