I try to use specific symbols from other (TrueType) fonts (several different fonts) in math mode (as math letters, math operators, ...). So the symbol should be defined via DeclareMathSymbol, I guess. $\mysymbol$ in the TeX file produces the error message "Font shape `U/MyFont/m/n' undefined". I could not repair it via DeclareSymbolFont and DeclareFontShape. (\MyFont{10509} and $\text{\MyFont{10509}}$ does function here, but that's not what I need.) Thanks for help.


\title{Formula Font Test}


% \DeclareFontFamily {} {} {}


% \DeclareSymbolFont {} {} {} {} {}

% \DeclareFontShape{U}{MyFontSymb}{m}{n}{  MyFont }{}





\text{ \MyFont{10509} }


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You can do it like this




\Umathchardef\mysymbol="3 \symMyFontSymb 10509


x_{\mysymbol} {\mysymbol}


enter image description here

But I doubt a bit if it is really needed to set up a new symbol font. A simpler way is in this answer https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/344462/2388

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