I'd like a nested itemize environment like this:

_________·comments on 1.1
_________·comments on 2

The second comment has a format of the third level itemize, same as the first comment. But I can't skip a level of nested itemize by doing some like:

\item 2
      \item comments on 2

That will cause a "missing \item" error. Also I can't do this by merely adjusting indentation, since I want the list in beamer and there are many other style differences between the levels.

Thank you in advance!

  • You can add an item by \item[]. However it not really clear what do you want to achieve. Maybe you need a new list (see package enumitem) Mar 22, 2017 at 10:56

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Can use

        § 1
            §§ 1.1
                §§§ comments on 1.1
        § 2
                §§§ comments on 2

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I'm also having this problem over at overleaf, but the compiler still gives me a pdf. It does inform me of the error, however, the pdf is exactly like I want it. I guess one possibility is to just ignore the error.

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