If I had a table stored in a data frame:

tbl <- data.frame(Name=c("A", "B"),Source=c("\\cite{a}", "\\cite{b}"))
tab <- xtable(tbl)

how would I go about producing a tex file that would replace \cite{a} with a bib reference? The final output would look something like:

Name Source
A    [1]
B    [2]

Unfortunately, knitr by default replaces backslashes with $\backslash$. Is it possible to prevent this behaviour?


In the function print.xtable, there is different sanitize function to add markup in the table. You can have a look at the part 4.1 Markup in table in the The xtable Gallery vignette ( vignette("xtableGallery") )

For a .Rmd document, this code works:

output: pdf_document

```{r, results='asis'}
tbl <- data.frame(Name=c("A", "B"), Source = c("\\cite{a}", "\\cite{b}"))
xtab <- xtable(tbl)
print(xtab, sanitize.text.function = function(x) {x})


 & Name & Source \\ 
 1 & A & \cite{a} \\ 
 2 & B & \cite{b} \\ 
  • This solution is very elegant and works beautifully! Many thanks! – chao Apr 24 '17 at 12:32

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