I have a footer spanning across the full page. I found a similar question here. Insted of page number I want a logo. Now inserting an image messes up the footer.


enter image description here

What I am getting

enter image description here

the current used code is

              \colorbox{gray}{\makebox[\dimexpr0.98\headwidth-2\fboxsep][l]{\strut ORG Group}}%
              \colorbox{gray}{\makebox[\dimexpr0.22\headwidth-2\fboxsep][l]{\strut \thepage}}}

How can I align the logo with the rest of the footer?

  • You are (again) using \struts in some parts of your footer and not in others. My suggestion would be to set the footer in a single box and raise ORG Group and \thepage into position. – Werner Mar 24 '17 at 7:00

The graphbox package "is an an extension for the LaTeX2e package graphicx to facilitate the placement of graphics relative to the current position using additional optional arguments [...] of \includegraphics."

Among others it provides the option align=c to control the vertical alignment (see page 5 of the documentation).

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