I would like to typeset an introduction to MathJAX/LaTeX formulae.

For that, I introduced a macro:

\newcommand{\showsource}[1]{$#1$ : \verb|#1|}

To typeset a math formula and then show its source.

But when I use it as


XeLaTeX complains about a missing $.

How can I write such a macro correctly?

Edit (MWE -- Manuel Kuehner)




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Followin Steven B. Segletes' comment and his link:

Print small TeX code verbatim and render it

I created a new, working macro:

\newcommand{\showsource}[1]{$#1$ \quad {\ttfamily\detokenize{#1}} }

and it works on


enter image description here

(yes, the space after \frac is strange but I can live with it).

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