I am using a specially formatted thesis format called authesis. It includes many chapters. I want to include only the content of the chapters without the Chapter number or title name in the generated PDF. For ex, if the Chapter number is 'Chapter 1', the title is 'Introduction' and there are many subsections, the content must have only the subsections and their contents. The Chapter number and title must be absent. Is there any way to do this?

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    try add\makeatletter \let\chapter\@gobble \makeatother as a start. You will need to redefine some counters (\thesection, \thefigure...) and we need example of your code.
    – touhami
    Mar 30, 2017 at 10:04

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Here is a version for book (and probably for most other classes having \chapter as structure level, however not for memoir (yet)).

Just saying \let\chapter\@gobble as touhami proposed is not enough (though a good idea!), since \chapter calls \@chapter, which usually has an optional argument)

I rather caught \chapter itself and redefined it slightly (requires the latest xparse release, however)

The counters being in the reset list of chapter are auto-detected and are removed from the list with \counterwithout in a loop done by \loopthroughresetlist.





\seq_new:N \g_flower_reset_seq 
  \seq_gclear:N \g_flower_reset_seq
  \cs_if_exist:cT {cl@#1} {%
      \seq_gput_right:Nn \g_flower_reset_seq {##1}
    \use:c{cl@#1}% Fill the list
  \seq_map_inline:Nn \g_flower_reset_seq  {%
    \use:c{\cs_to_str:N #2}{#1}{##1}








\chapter[Foo entry to ToC]{Foo Chapter}

\section{A subsection of a gobbled chapter}

  \caption{A figure caption}

\chapter{Another chapter}

  \caption{Another figure caption}

Some other content


enter image description here

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