I am customizing a scrlttr2 template. I'd like to use some pseudo-length values to define other ones.

For example, I defined \@setplength{firstheadhpos}{2.10cm} and I'd like to define the pseudo-lengthfirstfoothpos equal to firstheadhpos.

Of course, I could use \@setplength{firstfoothpos}{2.10cm}, but it is not robust. And neither \@setplength{firstfoothpos}{\value{firstheadhpos}} nor \@setplength{firstfoothpos}{\firstheadhpos} works.

Question: How to get the value of a pseudo-length?

  • PS: \@getplength{<pseudo-length>} is not defined neither. – ebosi Mar 30 '17 at 15:30

As you didn't provide a MWE, I only can guess that you are looking for the command \useplength{name}. Does this work?:

  • Yes indeed. I didn't add a MWE since I though this was a 'trivial' question... and the fact I couldn't find the right macro also made me too lazy. My bad. – ebosi Mar 30 '17 at 15:50

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