Selecting 'Compile' from the quickstart menu, the following error occurs: "Command txs:///compile not defined".

However, choosing 'Tools | Command| LuaLatex from the menus, starts the compile process which runs normally.

Similarly when 'View' is selected the following error occurs: "Command txs:///view not defined".

I have reinstalled TexStudio 12.12.4 with no success.

I installed TexStudio 12.12.2 which runs with no problems, compiling and displaying the same files files in an external pdf reader.

I have tried copying the contents of the build section of preferences in texstudio.ini 12.12.2 to 12.12.4 with no success.

I would appreciate any advice - thanks.

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I was able to fix the problem by removing the following:

% !TEX TS-program = xelatex

I do not know why this is causing it, other than TeXStudio is not interpreting the code correctly.

I did not experience the problem with View command.

Hope this helps.


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