How can I create a printout of my beamer slides 2-up, with the displayed frame on the top half, and the following \note{} frame on the bottom half of the page? If there is no \note{} page, the bottom half should be blank. If I do \pgfpagesuselayout{2 on 1}, pages without notes remove the alignment on a single page between a frame and the corresponding note. This is exactly what I want, except I'm not handwriting my notes on lines, I'm using \notes. Judging by the comments on that blog, I'm not the only one who'd like this feature.

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This should work, without using the other .sty file. It's arguably an abuse of how you'd keep a second screen of notes while you were giving your presentation, but it works and is very simple.

enter image description here

\title{The Title}
\author{The Author}
\pgfpagesuselayout{2 on 1}[a4paper,border shrink=5mm] % could also use letterpaper
\setbeamertemplate{note page}[plain] % Beamer manual, section 19.1
\setbeameroption{show notes on second screen=bottom} % Beamer manual, section 19.3

Here's some content, with no notes added.
Here's some content, with notes added.
Here are things to remember:
\item Stress this first.
\item Then this.
  • Thanks, I like this; very simple. I understand it's a mild misuse of "second screen" but I would use it for printouts only. I have a shell script anyway that injects the pgfpageuselayout temporarily to make the hardcopy form, so this is not much harder to add.
    – Liam
    Nov 26, 2011 at 15:33
  • Is there also a solution which produces A4 paper with 16:9 Slides? Unfortunately the result is not A4 :-)
    – Matthias
    Dec 22, 2022 at 13:37
  • Apparently, the original 4:3 version of this wasn't quite A4, either. Ratio of 1.5 instead of sqrt(2). Adding aspectratio=169 to the class options gives a ratio of 1.12. Jan 12, 2023 at 15:31

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