Is there any way to change the size of the arrow tip in tikz-cd? I have seen ways to change arrow tip size in tikz, but I haven't figured out how to apply it in tikz-cd.

Something I found when looking for something else is the following:

\tikzcdset{every label/.append style = {font = \normalsize}}

This did successfully change the label font size. I feel like there might be a way to use this, but I'm not sure what the syntax would be for arrow tips.


Include the arrow library needed for the type of arrows you want to use, like


and change the type of the tips using

\tikzcdset{arrow style=tikz, diagrams={>= ... }}

(Replace the dots by the name of the tip.) For a list of available tips see the TikZ manual.

enter image description here

% No tikzlibrary needed
\tikzcdset{arrow style=tikz, diagrams={>=stealth}}
A \arrow[r] & B \arrow[r, tail, two heads, dashed] & C\\

\tikzcdset{arrow style=tikz, diagrams={>=stealth'}}
A \arrow[r] & B \arrow[r, tail, two heads, dashed] & C\\

\tikzcdset{arrow style=tikz, diagrams={>={Computer Modern Rightarrow[width=8pt,length=3pt]}}}
A \arrow[r] & B \arrow[r, tail, two heads, dashed] & C\\

One solution similar to the \tikzcdset in the question is

\tikzcdset{every arrow/.append style = -{Latex[scale=2.7]}}

using the every arrow/.append style syntax from this answer (https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/286457/) and changing the size from this answer (https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/161238/), substituting whichever arrow shape for Latex.

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