Say I've redefined some command


If I want to use this new command everywhere in my LaTex document except for once or twice, where I need to make use of the old command, is there a way to use the old command, without getting rid of my \renecommand statement?

This is a hypothetical question, so I don't have a concrete example of a document where I would need an answer to this, but I am curious.

Thanks a lot.

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    \let\oldmacro\macro\renewcommand\macro{whatever} When you need the original meaning, use \oldmacro. – egreg Apr 1 '17 at 23:08
This is {\Large now huge}

This is {\oldLarge still Large}


output of code

There are some circumstances in which this simple approach won't work, depending on how the command you're redefining was defined initially. See:

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