I am creating an ePub like this:

pandoc test.tex --latex-engine=xelatex -o e.epub --bibliography=works-cited.bib -f latex -t epub3+footnotes

However, instead of getting footnotes like this in the ebook reader:

This is some text1

I am getting this:

This is some text.(Author 2004, 40)

Having spent an hour on the pandoc site, I can't find an option to change this, what am I missing?

UPDATE: It appears something like autocite=footnote may impact the output, but I have not worked out a way to get this to work at this point. I am currently trying:



If you have a file test.tex like this:

% !TeX program = XeLaTeX


This is some text.\autocite{Author2004}


And a bibliography called works-cited.bib:

    AUTHOR = {Author},
    YEAR = {2004},
    TITLE = {Title},

Then you will get a pdf like that:

enter image description here

To convert this input to .epub with pandoc you need a csl file that supports notes like chicago-note-bibliography.csl.

Since pandoc uses no latex engine to convert to epub it ignores all latex options, but you have to specify the csl file you've downloaded earlier with the option --csl instead.

Runningpandoc with the following options will suffice:

pandoc test.tex --bibliography=works-cited.bib --csl=chicago-note-bibliography.csl -t epub3+footnotes -o e.epub


enter image description here

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