This is a minimal workable code of my code



\def\prism{\pspolygon[](0.62,0.62)(4.62,0.62)(4,0)(0,0)} % prism




As you can see, I'm defining a pspolygon before the \begin{document} and then I'm calling it inside the pspicture with a rput command. This allows me to draw the polygon only once and then use it as many times as I want in the picture. I will have to place several of them in my code, some rotated, some translated and the way my code is now I can do it without problem.

The problem is that I want some of the polygons to be larger than others. How can I rescale an object like this \prism inside the pspicture? If, for example, I would like the polygon to be half its size, I'd like a command like


Can you help me with this?

Thank you.

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You can use \psscalebox{<scale>}{<stuff>} to scale <stuff> to the <scale> of your choice:

enter image description here



\def\prism{\pspolygon(0.62,0.62)(4.62,0.62)(4,0)(0,0)} % prism





Note the difference between scaling something (which also scales the line width) and adjusting the unit to be 50% of the original unit (maintaining the same line width).

You could define your own macro for adjusting the content. Below I've used xkeyval to define a number of keys for a single macro called \psaction[<options>]{<object>}:


    orotate={(0,0)}, % Default origin of rotation
    rotangle=0, % Default angle of rotation
    scale=1, % Default scale factor
    put={(0,0)}, % Default location for \rput
    #1 % Local modifications

For example, you could use

  % Similar to \rput(2,2){\psrotate(0,0){0}{\prism}}:
  % Similar to \rput(2,4){\psscalebox{0.5}{\psrotate(0,0){30}{\prism}}}:

Use the optional argument unit=...

    \pspolygon[#1](0.62,0.62)(4.62,0.62)(4,0)(0,0)} % prism    



enter image description here

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