I have a CV written in ModernCV and would like to wrap it into Curve, mostly just to see how the two formats differ. After going through the Curve manual it would seem simplest to \input my existing content into the rubrics in Curve. Except I keep getting Enter a filename :

Here is my structure

resume.tex          This calls a rubric in a subfolder
rubrics/rubric.tex  This calls a TeX file in the root folder
text.tex            This is the content I wish to include within the rubric

Each file has the following content

  • Resume.tex

  • rubrics/rubric.tex

  • text.tex

    This is some text

It seems that LaTeX is failing to find the text.tex file. I have seen that input is redefined within the Curve.cls class and think this is interfering with how \input works. Trying \import/\subimport from the import package is also not working as intended.


I'd forgotten \input works relative to the root of the main file, resume.tex in this case. So I had to performs all inclusions relative to this path.

  text.tex       Accessed by `text.tex` and file does exist
text.tex         Accessed by `../text.tex` but the file does not exist      

That is given the file structure above. The relative path ../text.tex is not converted to an absolute path relative to the root/rubric folder but from the root folder instead. One is actually accessing a file in the same level as the root folder. One should have used the argument text.tex with \input instead, so \input{../text.tex} becomes \input{text.tex} for the example to compile.

Note that using \subimport also fails since Curve \inputs the rubrics rather then subimports them, and the relative path to absolute path conversion fails as a result.

Note: I provided my own answer here as I'd determined a work around but I'm still curious to know how one might resolve this more formally. Does one ask the author of Curve to rely upon \subimport instead of modifying \inputor does one patch it themselves to handle relative imports (I tried the latter to no avail, granted I did not fully understand where I was going wrong just yet) ? I've had similar issues before using \input with relative paths and almost exclusively use \subimport now but I am curious to know how others resolve this.

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