I want to write $\alpha$ in place of a in Z[a] and Z as set of integer symbol. But when I'm trying it in math environment using $ symbol it is giving error. Please Help.

\hspace{-1.75cm} \xymatrix{
  & &  Z[x] \ar[dl] \ar[dr] & \\ 
   &  Z[a]  \ar[dr] & & Z[m] \ar[dl]  \\
  & & Z/NZ  & &
  • It is in math mode displaymath. Just type \alpha. – Sigur Apr 8 '17 at 13:20
  • 1
    For the set of integers, usually we use \mathbb{Z} from amsfonts` package. – Sigur Apr 8 '17 at 13:46

First of all, you are adding unnecessary column on the left. Your diagram requires only 3 columns.

The \xymatrix{} requires a math mode, that is, should be used within $ $ (inline) or \[ \] (displayed) (or equivalently, within equation* or equation environment).

So, you don't need (in fact, you can not) use $ $ inside any matrix entry. Just type as you want: \alpha.

Finally, to denote integers set, usually we use \mathbb{} font from amsfonts package.

Extra tip: you can control the distance between columns/rows in the diagram using @C<distance> or @R<distance>. For example, @C4.5pc.

Full code


                           & \mathbb{Z}[x] \ar[dl] \ar[dr] &                       \\ 
\mathbb{Z}[\alpha] \ar[dr] &                               & \mathbb{Z}[m] \ar[dl] \\
                           & \mathbb{Z}/N\mathbb{Z}

enter image description here

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