I'm trying to get a bit of extra spacing between my quotations and quotation marks (with a script), but have run into a problem demonstrated by the following code:

One of these words will be hyphenated.

One of these words will be `hyphenated'.

One of these words will be `\kern1pthyphenated\kern1pt'.

One of these words will be `\hskip1pthyphenated\hskip1pt'.

One of these words willl be `\hskip1pthyphenated\hskip1pt'.


Depending on whether I use \kern or \hskip, I either get no hyphenation or the mark separated from the quotation. Is there a solution to this?

enter image description here

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TeX will not consider a word for hyphenation unless it is preceded by glue (a skip). A kern will definitely disallow hyphenation.

If you want to kern against the quotes, use


The closing quote might be \kern1pt', because a kern not preceded by glue is not a feasible line break point.

Anyway, one point is quite big for a kern.

Glue is considered for a line break only if it is not preceded by a discardable items; \nolinebreak inserts a penalty, which is discardable (that is, it belongs to the set of items that are thrown away after a line break).

While a penalty is among the items considered as feasible line break points, the one inserted by \nolinebreak cannot trigger one, because it has the highest possible value 10000.


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