I started using the geometry package in order to make the title page for a document that will probably never be printed (and even if so I do not have the cover at the moment, not would I like to work on that with the current speed of iterations) centered. Nevertheless I would prefer the standard geometry of the book class for all the rest of the document.

What are the correct parameters for \newgeometry to return to book standard after the title page. Currently I have


which I think is quite a bit different. Or can I not use geometry at all if I like the behaviour of the standard book class for some part of a document?

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    Use \restoregeometry or better, save the current geometry with \savegeometry{foo} and restore it later on, after \newgeometry usage at 'any' place with \loadgeometry{foo}, where foo is just a symbolic name. The saving allows for multiple switches to other geometry setups in between, if needed
    – user31729
    Apr 10, 2017 at 8:43

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Thx, the first helped me to find the solution and the second would be an alternative solution. Using

\usepackage[pass]{geometry} %does not change anything
\newgeometry{hmarginratio=1:1} %centered title page

\restoregeometry %back to normal

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