I'm using the apacite package, with the natbibapa option set. When I reference a source with more than two authors, two names are printed before "et al." instead of one.

Eg: bibentry:

title = "The psychology of social dilemmas: A review ",
journal = "Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes ",
volume = "120",
number = "2",
pages = "125 - 141",
year = "2013",
doi = "10.1016/j.obhdp.2012.11.003",
author = "Van Lange, Paul AM  and  Joireman, Jeff and Parks,Craig D  
and  Van Dijk, Eric"

Command: \citet{vlangsocrev}

Output: Van Lange, Joireman et al. (2013)

I'd like for it to be just "Van Lange et. al (2013)".


Adding minimal working example, and it's actually working.

\documentclass[a4paper, 12pt]{report}
\usepackage[autostyle, style=croatian]{csquotes}
\usepackage[labelsep = period, labelfont = it, justification = 
 centering, skip = 8pt]{caption}
\usepackage[left=3cm, right=3cm, top=3cm, bottom=3cm]{geometry}

\addto\captionscroatian{\renewcommand{\bibname}{\Large\bfseries     Literatura}}

\renewcommand{\BCBT}{}%  comma between authors in ref. list when no. of
                  %%  authors = 2
\renewcommand{\BCBL}{}%  comma before last author when no. of authors > 2
\renewcommand{\BOthers}[1]{i sur.\hbox{}}% ``and others''


\parindent}{% left margin
  0.1\baselineskip}{% space before (vertical)
  1em}%               space after (horizontal)






enter image description here


I tried linking to the original .bib file, the one containing the full bibliography, and the MWE is still working fine.


Okay, the problem seems to appear when there are multiple citations from the same author and in the same year. Adding the following bibentry and citing caueses the problem.

  title={Social dilemmas: The Psychology of Human Cooperation},
  author={Van Lange, Paul AM and Balliet, Daniel P and Parks, Craig D and Van
      Vugt, Mark},
  publisher={Oxford University Press},
address = "New York, NY"

enter image description here

How can I replace this with 2013a and 2013b? The apacite texdoc says:

If there are multiple citations with the same author and year, a letter should be added to the year to distinguish the references. For example, one may refer to two or more articles by J. Smith published in 1982. They should be referred to as “Smith (1982a)”, “Smith (1982b)”, and so forth. To accomplish this, the counter BibCnt is defined in apacite.sty. The \theBibCnt command defines how the value of BibCnt is formatted. The default is “\alph{BibCnt}”, that is, as a plain lowercase letter.

But that doesn't seem to happen. Any clues?

  • Please add a minimal working example. Which style do you use? Apr 10, 2017 at 17:29
  • Hey, added the MWE. Rembemberd that I forgot it right after I posted, but wasn't able to edit earlier. Anyway, the MWE is working properly. I can't figure out why apacite is confused in the original file...
    – Potato
    Apr 10, 2017 at 18:18

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I've read in a thread here somewhere that this is not a bug, but actually a fetaure.

The desired variant works perfectly fine if all authors are the same. But if it's just the first author, apacite prints the second one's name too.

For instance, when I copied the first bib entry, changed the key and the title, and then referenced it, everything worked perfectly fine.

So, the conclusion is that it's a feature and all's well.

I'm closing the question.

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