I want to display an equation on multiple lines. I know that I can align multi-line equation with the split environment. But now I would like to align the equation by the equal sign and display at the end of the equation the applied operations like this:

3 * x = 15 | /3
x     = 5

So far I have this code, but I don't know which is the best way to align the applied operation.

        U_{VS1} - I_{C} \cdot R_{1} &= U_{VS1} - I_{C} \cdot R_{2} \quad \lvert \, + I_{C} \cdot R_{2} \\

split is the wrong tool for this: you need alignedat.



  &U_{VS1} - I_{C}R_{1} &&= U_{VS1} - I_{C}R_{2} \quad \lvert {} + I_{C} R_{2} \\
  &U_{VS1}              &&= U_{VS1}


The trick is to have two pairs of right-left columns, using only the left aligned ones.

enter image description here

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