i found this topic about pop ups of references equations... hovering on eqref

And my question is if can we do something similar on pdf images.

I have some pdf images that when compliled directly look like this: enter image description here

and i would like to hover the mouse over and show a zoomed version to show the details...

is this even possible?



Possibility 1:

Use a pdf viewer with such capabilities. For example the pdf viewer which ships along with TeXStudio has a magnifier with adjustable shape, magnification and size:

enter image description here

Possibility 2:

Not with hovering the mouse, but with click and predefined areas: Look into the \framezoom command. An example from the beamer user guide (11.3 Adding Anticipated Zooming):


  \frametitle<1>{A Complicated Picture}
  • thanxz, but i already implemented this, and also with spy command from tikz... Apr 24 '17 at 18:27

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