I have a slight problem. Suppose I have two lyx documents doc. 1 and doc. 2. I want to copy from doc. 2 to doc. 1 and then apply text style used in doc. 1. When I use the usual ctrl + V, ctrl + C, I get the style of doc. 2 in doc. 1 and have not managed to apply styles in doc. 1 to the copied content. I also tried to use paste special options but this did not help. More precisely my question is whether I can somehow apply font default do the copied content.


In order to do that, doc 1. and doc. 2 need to have the same relevant style rules being applied to them - which come from the document classes and the Premables of each document (and manually-written LaTeX (outside of the Premables), which will affect after rendering a PDF or whatever that you'd render).

Make sure that there's nothing that causing any difference in the styles.

For me, such copying and pasting works in LyX.

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