The csquotes packages states in the documentation under 10.7, that "This package will automatically reset the nesting level within any footnote included in a quotation."

It really works. When using reledmac, however, this reset is not applied. Looking at the source code of csquotes I could not manage to find the appropriate macro to add to e.g. footnoteA.

So, what do I have to add to reset the nesting level of csquotes manually?


\enquote{This is an example\footnote{Better say \enquote{example}}} and
this one now with \enquote{reledmac\footnoteA{\enquote{A great package btw}}}
  • The standard \footnote calls \@parboxrestore and csquotes hooks into it to reset the level. You could simply add \csname csq@qlevel\endcsname=0\relax to the footnoteA code. – Ulrike Fischer Apr 13 '17 at 10:02
  • Thank you. As I use a surrounding macro anyway, I was able to add your code quite easily. – Martin Apr 13 '17 at 12:06

The standard \footnote calls \@parboxrestore and csquotes hooks into it to reset the level.

If you want to reset the level manually you can add

  \csname csq@qlevel\endcsname=0\relax

to the \footnoteA code.

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Thanks to Ulrike Fischer code, this feature has been integrated directly on reledmac 2.19.0 (which I will send in CTAN in few minute).

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