I got a section and subsection in a document. These could either be in upper- or lowercase. The subsequent keyword should always be in lowercase.

Minimal Working Example (MWE):

\setbeforesecskip{-8mm plus -1mm minus -1mm}
\setaftersecskip{1.411mm plus 0.2mm minus 0.2mm}
\setsecnumformat{\csname the#1\endcsname\hspace*{0.5em}}
\setbeforesubsecskip{-24pt plus -3pt minus -2pt}
\setaftersubsecskip{4pt plus 0pt}

\protected\def\zzz#1{\makeatletter\catcode`\<\active \scantokens{\MakeUppercase{#1}}}
{\catcode`\<\active\protected\gdef<#1>{\texttt{\string <#1>}}}



\section{Headline <keyword>}

\subsection{Headline <keyword>}



enter image description here

Desired output:

Keywords should always be in lowercase.

  • I deleted my comment: it will work for the sections themselves but look at the page head… – cgnieder May 7 '17 at 13:24

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