I'm trying to (well, more-or-less) recreate this drawing in TikZ:

enter image description here

It is quite easy to draw this grey plate, the surface and the arrows, but I have absolutely no idea how can I reproduce these holes and lines passing through them properly.

Could somebody direct me in the right way?

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Here is a fake hole sticker that you can paste on any surface,


    \draw(.7,.5)ellipse[x radius=.7,y radius=.3];
    \clip(1.4,1)--(1.4,0)arc[start angle=0,end angle=180,x radius=.7,y radius=.3]--(0,1);
    \clip(.7,.5)ellipse[x radius=.7,y radius=.3];
    \shade[left color=black,right color=black,middle color=white](-1,0)rectangle(2,1);
    \draw(1.4,0)arc[start angle=0,end angle=180,x radius=.7,y radius=.3];
    \draw(.7,.5)ellipse[x radius=.7,y radius=.3];


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