Is it possible to configure TeXstudio for distraction free writing?

  • What do you mean with distraction-free? fullscreen and without menus? – TeXnician Apr 16 '17 at 13:28

While there is no explicit distraction-free mode in TeXstudio, it's configurability allows to hide almost all GUI elements.

First, you can use the fullscreen mode (F11 or double-click on an empty part of the menu bar).

Then hide unwanted elements:

  • View -> Show
  • Context menu on menu or toolbars to show/hide toolbars
  • Options -> Internal PDF Viewer -> Auto-hide toolbars in Embedded Mode
  • Options -> Advanced Editor -> Appearance -> + Show Line Change State | Show State Panel | Show Line Numbers

    Note: the toolbar settings are saved separately for normal and fullscreen mode. All other settings are global.

enter image description here

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