I have TeX-electric-math[1] set to replace $ with \( and \) for inline equations. In the documentation[2] it claims that repeatedly pressing $ while in the active math region, you can toggle between inline \(...\) and display \[...\] equations, but this seems to simply not work (I just get \($\)). Am I misunderstanding, or is there something I still need to configure for this to work?

[1] '(TeX-electric-math (quote ("\\(" . "\\)")))

This was generated using the Emacs customization menus

[2] https://www.gnu.org/software/auctex/manual/auctex/Quotes.html

Last paragraph under Dollar Signs -> TeX-electric-math


Select a region that isn't in math mode, and press $: the first time you'll wrap it with inline math delimiters (e.g. \(...\)or $...$), the second time it'll be replaced by display math delimiters (e.g. \[...\] or $$...$$). This how it's supposed to work.

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