In the beamer metropolis package one is capable to highlight text using the \alert{} command in orange. Further it is possible to create a block, where the header is in the same color \begin{alertblock} --- \end{alertblock}.

My question now is, if it is possible to use the color of \begin{exampleblock} --- \end{exampleblock} to highlight text in green?. Either I don't find it using the documentation or it is really not possible. If so, how can I select the color using for example the \usepackage{color} and the respective command \textcolor{}{}?

Here the respective blocks as found on the template on Overleaf: enter image description here

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    You mean something along the line of \setbeamercolor{alerted text}{fg=green!80!black} ? – Moriambar Apr 17 '17 at 10:51

You could just open the beamercolorthememetropolis.sty from your TeX distribution (OS search does it for you).

There you would find something like:


and following

\setbeamercolor{example text}{%

So you could use \textcolor{mLightGreen}{Text}.

example for colors



    \textcolor{mLightGreen}{\bfseries Test}\\

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