I am trying to submit an article to a Journal that uses the INFORMS3 document class. I used BibDesk to generate the BIB file and TexShop to compile the source file. Here is the TEX file, a minimum (non)-working example:

% LaTeX Article Template


\newlength{\mycolwd}                                         % array column width
\settowidth{\mycolwd}{$-\frac{3}{4}$}% "width" of $e^{-\frac{i}{\hbar}|A|t$; largest element in array


% Set the beginning of a LaTeX document




There have been a number of alternative proofs of this result offered over the years; e.g. \cite{Spinetto:1974aa}, \cite{Charnes:1967aa}, and the methods employed have turned out to be of almost as much interest as the result itself. For example,  



From within TexShop I can compile once with Latex and then twice with BibTex, no errors. However, when I then go to compile with Latex again, I get the following error:

Package natbib Warning: Citation 'Spinetto:1974aa' on page 2 undefined on input line 43

Package natbib Warning: Citation 'Charnes:1967aa' on page 2 undefined on input line 43.


./BibTexTest.bbl:1: LaTeX Error: \newblock undefined.


l.1 \begin{the bibliography}{2}

Here is the bbl file

\providecommand{\urlprefix}{URL }

\bibitem[{Charnes \protect\BIBand{} Kortanek(1967)}]{Charnes:1967aa}
Charnes A, Kortanek K (1967) On balanced sets, cores and linear programming.
  \emph{Cahiers du Centre d'Etudes de Recherche Operationelle} 9:32--43.

Spinetto R (1974) The geometry of solution concepts for {\it n}-person
  cooperative games. \emph{Manage Sci} 20:1292--1299.


I am at my wit's end. I had no problem formatting the paper and bibliography with the ectaart or svjour3 or elsarticle classes, but I need it (of course) for INFORMS3 and I can't submit until I get this last piece done.

Any thoughts or pointers would be appreciated.

EDIT: I just came across a suggestion on a Google groups that magically fixed the issue (or at least allowed the generation of the References which is what I need to be able to submit): At the bottom of the TEX file, just before the \bibliographystyle, I added the line:


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I believe it should be \def\newblock{\ }, the Management Science template has the following defs:

\bibpunct[, ]{(}{)}{,}{a}{}{,}%
\def\newblock{\ }%

Just for the benefit of future users: I had a similar issue and found a 'backward slash' sign in my .bib entry which was not necessary.


\newblock 2-way \FSI fails during first time step — {ANSYS} learning forum,


\newblock 2-way FSI fails during first time step — {ANSYS} learning forum,

Note that I have removed the 'backward slash' to correct it

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