I am currently writing a cover letter for a german company and I need to add a post script after the closing and before the enclosure of the letter (i.e. after my signature and before the line were I list my study certificates, see the example code below). Is there already a command like \ps or is there a way to define a new command to that purpose?


\name{Hans}{im Glück}
\address{Glücksstr. 13}{55444 Glücksdorf}{Deutschland \medskip} 


\recipient{Max Mustermann AG}{Personalwesen \\ Hans-Beispiel-Straße 2 \\    55555 Beispielhausen}

\opening{Dear Sir or Madam,}
\closing{Your sincerely, \vspace{0,3cm} \\
%\includegraphics[width = 4.5cm]{signature.png} \vspace{-1,0cm}}
\enclosure[Attachment]{study certifcates}          





Thank you very much

  • Hi, I think we will be better equipped to help you if you can provide a minimal working example (MWE). – Troy Apr 19 '17 at 10:10
  • @Troy ok I have added example code – maxE Apr 19 '17 at 10:24

ok I found the answer myself. You have to edit the moderncv.cls and the moderncvbodyi.sty files: add a new command e.g.


in the letter design commands definitions section of the moderncv.cls file

and then add the line


before the line

{\color{color2}\itshape\enclname: \@enclosure}}%

in the moderncvbodi.sty files, in the letter style definition section (there are five such files: moderncvbodi.sty ,..., moderncvbodv.sty, just add the line to each of the files)

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