I have a problem with my university thesis template, which in in Persian language and loads xepersian package with B Nazanin Persian font, The problem is exactly with B Nazanin font. as in template preamble we have:

\settextfont{B Nazanin}
\setlatintextfont{Times New Roman}

and B Nazanin does not support Latin characters. My Latin characters outside an \lr environment becomes square like below:

enter image description here

I wrote 4 chapters of thesis and it's very hard to use \lr{} for every single latin part. Is there anyway to correct this problem more easily?


Use the program fribidiXeTeX. If you are on windows, you can use the compiled version by Akira Kakuto. Otherwise, compile from source yourself.

If test.tex contains

این یک پاراگراف «پارسی» است به نام Simple text و این یک عدد 0887 به لاتین است.
این فرمول شماره
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By running

fribidixetex -n test.tex -o test.ltx

You get the file test.ltx in which all your latin short texts are automatically placed inside \lr. You will then need to run

xelatex test.ltx

to produce the pdf output.

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