I'm looking for a way to include Internet citations in my bibliography and 'print' them using APA style. Currently I have natbib and apa-good.bst, but from what I've been able to gleam from Google, there is no support in natbib for online citations. There were mentions of BibLaTex, but since I'm new to TeX I have no idea how to use that.

Is there a way to get Internet citations correctly in TeX?

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You wrote

... there is no support in natbib for online citations.

Sadly (or, rather, fortunately!), this claim is incorrect. Moreover, the apa-good.bst bibliography style file recognizes a field named url among the valid field names. Here's the file's bibtex code for the function write.url:

FUNCTION {write.url}
{ url empty$
    { skip$ }
    { "\newline\urlprefix\url{" url * "}" * write$ newline$ }

You'll need to have the url package loaded (to make it understand the instructions \url and \urlprefix).

If you don't like the \newline instruction, which tells LaTeX to insert a line break before the start of the URL, you can remove it from the code; just save the file to something like "myapa-good.bst", and then invoke this new file. However, the linebreak may be part of APA style and hence shouldn't be eliminated willy-nilly.

To sum up, using any of natbib's citation commands, you should get bibliography entries with associated URLs (assuming, of course, that the entries' URL fields aren't blank!)

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