I have some issues with citations in my thesis. I use the natbib package and the apalike bibliography style. When I cite articles with 1 or 2 authors, everything works just fine. But when I have 3 authors, things break down. Only the first author is printed followed by et al., also when I change \citep{} to \citep*{}


\title{Brief Article}





my .bib file looks as follows:

doi = {10.1016/j.bdr.2015.04.001},
year = 2015,
month = {sep},
publisher = {Elsevier {BV}},
volume = {2},
number = {3},
pages = {87--93},
author = {Omar Y. Al-Jarrah and Paul D. Yoo and Sami Muhaidat and George K. 
Karagiannidis and Kamal Taha},
title = {Efficient Machine Learning for Big Data: A Review},
journal = {Big Data Research}

I don't know what I am doing wrong or why this isn't working. Any help is much appreciated!

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    (1) Welcome, (2) this is not really a LaTeX issue, but rather an issue with the apalike style not being 100% compatible with natbib, try using plainnat and you will see the difference. Also see the generated .bbl files in both cases, the apalike one does not give the same amount of info. – daleif Apr 20 '17 at 14:40
  • @Mico see the generated .bbl for apalike it will never work with that .bst. – daleif Apr 20 '17 at 14:41

As @daleif demonstrates in his answer, the apalike bibliography style simply isn't set up properly to let you generate citation callouts that state all authors of entries that feature at least three authors.

Rather than hack the ancient apalike bibliography style -- I believe it's OK to call it ancient, given that it hasn't been changed meaningfully since the mid-1980s -- you may want to consider using the much more up-to-date apacite bibliography style, along with the apacite citation management package; specify the option natbibapa if you want to keep using \citet and \citep.

Your MWE would become:



The first citation call-out generated by \citet{AlJarrah2015} would like this:

Al-Jarrah, Yoo, Muhaidat, Karagiannidis, and Taha (2015)

In keeping with APA citation conventions, second and further citation call-outs to this entry would be formatted as

Al-Jarrah et al. (2015)


This is basically a problem with the apalike bibtex style. It is not 100% compatible with natbib, it does not provide the information ndded for say \citep* to work. Here is a sniplet from the generated .bbl file for apalike:

\bibitem[Al-Jarrah et~al., 2015]{AlJarrah2015}

Here is the corresponding one for plainnat (which is 100% compatible with natbib):

\bibitem[Al-Jarrah et~al.(2015)Al-Jarrah, Yoo, Muhaidat, 
  Karagiannidis, and Taha]{AlJarrah2015}

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