For a current project, I employed the subequations environment.

There are loads of equations, albeit tiny ones, in the document, and in certain sections/chapters, they amass to three-digit piles (meaning e.g. Eq. 2.102). So, with the help of subequations, grouping related equations, that problem is nicely handled. I consider it needed and nice... my supervisor does not.

Now I'm stuck with a document full of subequation-environments of which I have to get rid.



did the job without any complaints. But knowing LateX, that surely can't be the proper way to do it?

I noticed, toggling that line of code, that content gets shuffled around. So spaces are altered, probably for the worse!

What is a safe, better workaround?

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    If spaces were altered, this must depend on your usage. Perhaps try \renewenvironment{subequations}{\ignorespaces}{\ignorespacesafterend}. – Werner Apr 20 '17 at 17:53
  • That seems to have done it. At least I cant notice anything changing anymore. Thanks – Hans Lollo Apr 22 '17 at 7:04

Try with

  {\ignorespaces}%         \begin{subequations}
  {\ignorespaces‌​afterend}% \end{subequations}

which should gobble all spaces that may have been inserted by its position in your code.

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