How do I make some reference entries bold in bibtex?


It depends on the bibliography style you're using. But you could use the common commands to choose bold typeface: \textbf and \bfseries work in BibTeX entries as well.

For instance, with this file tex.bib

author = {D.E. Knuth},
title = {\textbf{The {\TeX}book}},
publisher = {Addison Wesley},
year = 1986

and that simple example

\renewcommand*{\refname}{{\TeX} books}

you would get:

alt text

The bold typeface has been added to the italic shape of the plain style. It's just an example, I would not combine font properties this way.

A more consistent way would be to modify the bibliography style according to your needs. Or use biblatex.

  • Note that your Bibtex file assumes you are using Latex if you follow this advice, which is not a big assumption, but some people use Bibtex with Context and even a few with Plain Tex. – Charles Stewart Aug 26 '11 at 19:47

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