I'm trying to install LanguageTool in TexStudio, as described in Installing Language Tool in TexStudio, but I cannot succeed.

LanguageTool server is working as can be seen from this test:

When I out this on my browser: http://localhost:8081/v2/check?language=en&text=my+text

I receive: {"software":{"name":"LanguageTool","version":"3.7","buildDate":"2017-03-27 10:50","apiVersion":"1","status":""},"warnings":{"incompleteResults":false},"language":{"name":"English","code":"en"},"matches":[{"message":"This sentence does not start with an uppercase letter","shortMessage":"","replacements":[{"value":"My"}],"offset":0,"length":2,"context":{"text":"my text","offset":0,"length":2},"rule":{"id":"UPPERCASE_SENTENCE_START","description":"Checks that a sentence starts with an uppercase letter","issueType":"typographical","category":{"id":"CASING","name":"Capitalization"}}}]}

But after making all this configuration on TexStudio, grammar checking doesn't work.

Does anybody has clue on how to debug it?

I'm using: Ubuntu 16.04 TexStudio 2.10.8 LanguageTool: 3.7


Try to use language tools version 3.5. Configure TexStudio for v3.5 and restart it. Hopefully it will work.

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  • Thank you rabeeh. With this version it worked very well. Today I could find the error messages displayed in terminal. The problem with LanguageTool Version 3.7 is presented: "You're using an old version of our API that's not supported anymore. Please see languagetool.org/http-api/migration.php". – João Gabriel Del Solar Apr 25 '17 at 11:50
  • Is this documented somewhere in TexStudio documentation? – Martin Pecka Jul 10 '17 at 15:16

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