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Minimal test code:

{\fontsize{18}{18}\leaders\hbox{$\mkern 10000mu.\mkern 10000mu$}\hfill}


If I compile this, bar and the result of \lipsum is gone. It's amazing. And,

  • If I replace the arguments of \fontsize with 15 or 20, everything is correct!

  • If I replace \hbox{$\mkern 10000mu.\mkern 10000mu$} to something else, e.g. delete one \mkern 10000mu, the result may be correct too.

I know that \fontsize changes the length of a mu unit. But I totally cannot understand what happens.

Here is an example of Plain TeX:

% fine
% Width of hbox less than \maxdimen
a\leaders\hbox{\kern8000pt.\kern8000pt}\hfill b

text text

% BAD: text after the leaders is gone
% Width of hbox more than \maxdimen
a\leaders\hbox{\kern10000pt.\kern10000pt}\hfill b

text text

% fine?
% Width of hbox more than \maxdimen
a\leaders\hbox{\kern12000pt.\kern12000pt}\hfill b

text text


I wonder why a box of 20000pt width makes wrong output, but a box of 24000pt width seems correct. I know it is an overflow thus it cannot be a bug of TeX, but what happens?


The code comes from tocloft package. Now I believe it is a bug of tocloft. In tocloft, it defines

  \leaders\hbox{$\m@th\mkern #1 mu\hbox{\cftdot}\mkern #1 mu$}\hfill}

And \cftnodots is 10000. Then this test file fails:





I can fix the bug by redefining \cftdotfill to

  \leaders\hbox to #1\p@{\hss\cftdot\hss}\hfill}

But the bug still shocked me.

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The width of


is 16003.67247pt when the font used by LaTeX is at 14.4pt; when you ask for 17.28pt size, the box becomes 19204.52904pt wide, which is more than \maxdimen and so everything goes awry.

Notice that \fontsize{18}{18}\selectfont (the \selectfont is implicitly done when the formula begins) chooses, with the standard font, a font at 17.8pt.

When you ask for 15pt, the font chosen is at 14.4pt.

It's quite bizarre that with \fontsize{20}{20} the behavior is normal (the box is 23050.07462pt wide). But I think it's just a curiosity.

I'd say it's an oversight in tocloft.

If I load lmodern (that has scalable fonts), the limit between regular and awry is at 14.68181pt = 962187sp; at 14.68182pt = 962188sp the behavior is the strange one.

The behavior remains strange until the font size is 19.85608pt = 1301288sp and resumes to normal at 19.85609pt = 1301289sp.

Workaround for tocloft

One way to avoid the problem is to redefine \cftnodots:


In this way, \cftdotfill{\cftnodots} will expand to

\leaders\hbox{$\m@th\mkern \cftnodots mu\hbox{\cftdot}\mkern \cftnodots mu$}\hfill

and the first \mkern will expand the first \cftnodots, resulting in

\mkern100mu\gobbleeight mu\hbox{\cftdot}\mkern \cftnodots mu

and counting arguments we see that this eventually gives


which prints nothing (actually some boxes containing only white space, but it's better than an unpredictable behavior). The code in tocloft should be fixed.

  • Thank you. I can imagine that the width of box is wider than \maxdimen and something goes wrong. But I still cannot understand the difference between \fontsize{18}{18} and \fontsize{20}{20}. I'll try to make a plain TeX example.
    – Leo Liu
    Dec 1, 2011 at 5:40
  • @LeoLiu It's quite strange indeed; I'm doing experiments.
    – egreg
    Dec 1, 2011 at 7:25

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