Suppose I have four images in a horizontal line. I would like to super impose some of the images( suppose Share0 and Share2) in the second row at the fixed position. It should look like moving style. I can do it with animation in powerpoint. How can I do it in beamer?

enter image description here

I have tried to do this using the following code but failed:

 \begin{frame}{series of images}


   \only<2-5>{\mbox{\structure{Figure:} something}}


An example for a manual animation of the image movement:





\begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture, overlay]
\foreach \x in{0,...,30}{    
  \node[] at (1.5+0.1333333*\x,2.-0.2*\x) {\includegraphics<+>[width=3cm]{example-image}};
  \node[] at (5.5,2.) {\includegraphics<.>[width=3cm]{example-image-b}};
  \node[] at (9.5-0.1333333*\x,2.-0.2*\x) {\includegraphics<.>[width=3cm]{example-image-a}};


enter image description here

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