I would like to insert a list inside an entry. There is the section with list but I would like a list inside a description.


2001-2006.     Internship blabla 
                           - task description 
                           - task description 2

How can I do that in LYX?


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    Next to the four list icons you'll find "increase depth Alt-Shift-Right". Press Return after blabla, than increase depth, turn on another list. – PhilipPirrip Apr 26 '17 at 19:15

Hello I solved the Problem with adding an Entry and listitems to the entry:

\cventry{10.2016-03.2017}{Bachelorarbeit}{Infineon Technologies}{München}{}{ ''Definition und Design einer schnellen programmierbaren elektronischen
DC Last''}
\cvlistitem{Definition der Projektanforderungen }
\cvlistitem{Entwurf und Implementierung des Konzeptes der Steuerung der Last
und der Benutzeroberfläche }

this was the output:


PS: I did the whole thing in Lyx , I copied the Latex code. In Lyx just choose entry and listitem

I hope this helps :) ah and ignore the german ;)

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