I am using the baposter class for my scientific poster but I am struggling with the position of logos.

I want to put 3 logos on the left side of the title and 3 other ones on the right. However, there's always a large space between the last logo on the left and the title. Same problem with the first logo on the right.

I tried using \hspace{} but it does not change anything. I also tried minipage but it shifts my title on the right or on the left, as if the space between logos and title was incompressible.

Does anyone has a solution ?

Here is my title section :




{ \includegraphics[height=6em]{logo1} \hspace{12pt} \includegraphics[height=4em]{logo2}  \hspace{12pt}  \includegraphics[height=4em]{logo3g}} % First university/lab logo on the left

{\bf Title of my poster \vspace{0.3em}} % Poster title

{\textcolor{blue3}{Authors  \hspace{12pt} \\ 
Institutions }} % Author names and institution

{ \includegraphics[height=5em]{logo4.jpg} \hspace{12pt} \includegraphics[height=6em]{logo5.png} \hspace{3pt} \includegraphics[height=5em]{logo6.png}} % Second university/lab logo on the right
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    Since just a few people use baposter, it would be better to add a full document wrapper to the code, starting from \documentclass. And welcome to TeX.SX! – egreg Apr 27 '17 at 8:51

The logos can be placed by including them in tabular environment. The following MWE provides a demonstration. To illustrate a range of baposter features the MWE does the following:

  1. Three logos are placed each side of the title in a tabular environment. The tabular is used to configure the placement of the logos. The logo grouping on the right uses multicolumn to make the logo in the second row span two columns.
  2. To more completely illustrate some baposter features, three boxes are created. Box 1 is in column 0, row 0 of the poster. Box 2 is below Box 1. Box 2 contains three images arranged in a tabular environment, with one of the images spanning two rows using multirow. Box 3 spans columns 2 and 3, and is bottom aligned with Box 2. It includes an itemize environment list where the text is made to wrap around an image using features of adjustbox and wrapfig.

This is the code:

\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} % Input encoding
\usepackage[T1]{fontenc} % Required for accented characters
\usepackage{graphicx}    % Required for including images
\usepackage{multicol}    % To demonstrate placement of example images across 2 columns
\usepackage{wrapfig}     % To demonstrate wrapping text around image
\usepackage{adjustbox}   % To demonstrate wrapping text around image
\usepackage{multirow}    % To demonstrate placement of example images across 2 rows
\usepackage{enumitem}    % To create customized list environment 
\usepackage{blindtext}   % Dummy text
\usepackage{arev}        % Sans serif font with heavy weight

\newlength{\strutheight} % for wrapping text around image
\settoheight{\strutheight}{\strut} % for wrapping text around image


    \background{% this is a user specified background i.e. set background=user in general options (row 32 of code)
        \begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture,overlay]%
        %the poster background color
        \fill[fill=blue!10!white] (current page.north west) rectangle (current page.south east);
        %the header for the poster title and authors
        \fill [fill=blue!25!white] (current page.north west) rectangle ([yshift=-\headerheight] current page.north east);

        %general options for the poster
        columns=6, % how many columns 1-6
        colspacing=4.2mm, % spacing between the columns
        headerheight=0.15\textheight, % the height of the header as a proportion of the page height
        background=user, %user or none or plain
        eyecatcher=true, %turn logos on/off
        %posterbox options
        headerborder=closed, % see the baposter manual for the rest
        %Do not change the layout of the following items, although title and author can span multiple lines
        {The logo on the left
              \includegraphics[width=2cm]{example-image-a} &
              \includegraphics[width=2cm]{example-image-a} &
        {Title} %the poster title
        {Authors} %the author(s)      
        {%The logo on the right
                \includegraphics[width=2cm]{example-image-a} &
                \includegraphics[width=2cm]{example-image-a} \\

            Box 1

    % Put 3 figures in a tabular environment. One figure spans 2 rows.
            Box 2
            \includegraphics[height=1.5cm]{example-image-a} & \multirow[t]{2}{3cm}[-1cm]{\includegraphics[height=2cm]{example-image-a}} \\
            \includegraphics[height=1.5cm]{example-image-a} \\

            This is Box 3 with a very log header that requires boxheaderheight=4em. This box is bottom aligned with Box 2 and spans columns 2 and 3 (Column number starts at 0).
    % create an itemize list and insert a figure
        \item \blindtext[1]
                \item \blindtext[1]



Here is the output: enter image description here

I hope this helps you get started, and welcome to TeX.SE.

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