How can I remove the volume and issue number for all entries in my bibliography, as in

C Wetterich. “Variable gravity universe”. Physical Review D 89.2 (2014), p. 024005. arXiv:1308.1019v2.

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    You can do \AtEveryBibitem{\clearfield{volume}\clearfield{issue}}. But that will delete all volume and number fields. Do you want to delete the fields only for this entry, for all @articles, ...?
    – moewe
    Commented Apr 27, 2017 at 14:56

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you will delete volume and number for all entries in the bibliography.

  • Where in the document do you put this?
    – Shep Bryan
    Commented Jun 4, 2021 at 21:53
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    @ShepBryan In the preamble (after you loaded biblatex). But note that this is a biblatex answer it will not work if you are using classical BibTeX (with \bibliography in the document body and \bibliographystyle).
    – moewe
    Commented Jun 5, 2021 at 4:43

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