Am I missing something obvious, or is \captionof not supposed to work in a \makebox? I have tried \protect, \MakeRobustCommand, among others.


I receive this error:

! Missing \endgroup inserted.
<inserted text> 
l.4     \makebox{\captionof{figure}{X}}

\makebox provides a horizontal box for content and therefore has difficulty coping with vertical content. In particular, \captionof eventually calls \@makecaption to set the actual caption. This starts and ends with vertical skips inserted via \vskip \abovecaptionskip and \vskip \belowcaptionskip. \vskips within a \makebox causes the problem:


\mbox{\vspace{10pt}}% Acceptable...


\mbox{\vskip 10pt}% Problematic...


The above code snippet highlights the background legwork performed by \vspace in order to accommodate for non-vertical-mode skipping.

On the other hand, \parbox (and minipage, say) provide the option to incorporate horizontal and vertical content. So, if you want to place \captionof in a box, place it in a box that can manage its content, like a \parbox.

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