I have very little experience with latex and my task is to write a report in the ACM article template. The bibliography style is numbered:

[1] Some Author, some title, ...


Some text\cite{author:title}.

results in:

Some text[1].

I would like to be able to produce the following:

[Author, year] propose an algorithm to... Bla bla bla [1].

In other words, use both the acm citation style and the author-year style on the same bibliography. Is there a way to achieve this? Or is there maybe another convention to write about the author of a paper? I wouldn't like to type the author's name explicitly, like this:

Some Author propose an algorithm...

But rather use some command (maybe I have to define one? I don't know how):

\magiccite{author:title} propose an algorithm to... Bla bla bla \cite{autor:title}.

Thank you and sorry for my inexperience.


I found out about some special cite commands. In my case


does the job. Took the answer from here. I am a beginner, sorry again.

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