I'm new using LaTeX and I want to learn how should I use the \hhline when I have problems with \cellcolor command. How does the \hhline work? I saw differents ways to use but I don't understand

For example: \hhline{bla bla} --- how does it work?

If I have colored cells, where color overwrites borders of cell A and cell B, what should I do?



texdoc hhline

for the manual which has lots of examples but if you have a 4 column table with \cline{2-3} putting a line over columns 2 and 3, then the equivalent \hhline to replace the \cline is


which puts no line ~ in column one, then two columns with a single line - then a final column with no line.

But before doing that are you really sure that you want lines and coloured panels? I wrote both colortbl and hhline packages and I'm not sure I'd use them both in the same document (other than in joke examples in the hhline manual)

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