I'm having problem to compile a document with a table of contents.

I have made some debug process that I show here:

Here is my debug code:













  1. When I use the cite package abtex2cite, it compile without problem:

  2. When using biblatex, I remove the command \tableofcontents*, it compile without problem.

  3. When using biblatex, I remove the environment anexosenv, it compiles without problem.

  4. With I use the command \tableofcontents* and biblatex, with the environment 'anexosenv' present, I receive the error:

Undefined control sequence. ...{part}{\uppercase {Anexos}}{7}{section.3}*


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It's an error on Abntex2.

Including \usepackage{relsize} solve the problem.

There is an open issue on github.

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