I am using Lyx. I want my text to appear as Strategist's instead of Strategistâs. Please help.

These I include in the LAtex Preamble under documents settings


The following from JabRef:

      author   = {Schrauf, Reinhard Geissbauer, Jesper Vedsø and Stefan},
      title    = {A Strategist’s Guide to Industry 4.0},
      month    = {May 9,},
      year     = {2016},
      abstract = {Global businesses are about to integrate their operations into a seamless digital whole, and thereby change the world.},
      number   = {Mar 20,},
      url      = {http://www.strategy-business.com/article/A-Strategists-Guide-to-Industry-4.0?gko=7c4cf},
      volume   = {2017},

I got the following errors:

enter image description here

enter image description here

The remaining package inputence error are the exact same thing. Please help.


Use ' instead of


While worked for me with everything set up for UTF-8, in older versions you might run into trouble with it.

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